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Radio advertising is considered to be one of the best advertising method in terms of speed to reach targeted audience effectively and the great coverage, and of course the cost for the radio ads is higher than most other advertising tools and of course a greater opportunity to introduce your products or services to achieve your goals. We at Etqan Advertising provide a unique advertising experience based on the avant-garde and innovation in the composition of the ad text (Script) and the implementation of the ad using some wonderful vocalists to attract listeners and gain their admiration.

Radio ads in abu dhabi
Select your Target Audience
 UAE Nationals - Arabs - Europeans - Asians
We provide the following radio services:
  •  Ad content copywriting (script writing)

  • Producing, directing and recording radio advertisements

  • Dealing and Coordinating with radio stations for advertising at the GCC countries

Hasan (English Speech) -
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Hasan (GCC Dialect) -
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Hasan (Arabic Speech) -
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radio ads in abu dhabi
Radio ads in Abu Dhabi
radio ads in abu dhabi
Dario ads in abu dhab
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