About Etqan Branding & Marketing

Etqan Branding and Marketing is a company based in the heart of Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates and was established in 2017.

Etqan Branding and Marketing provides branding and marketing services in all its forms and pays special attention to the artistic and creative aspects in all designs and works produced.

Etqan Branding and Marketing offers many important services to every company that wants to be distinguished and reach its desired goals as quickly as possible. Both new and old companies benefit from these services. Our policy includes creating a visual identity in all its details or restructuring the visual identity of the company or product. And the marketing services using the latest marketing tools.

Our Services

The company provides a wide range of Advertising, Marketing and Brand Building Services and delivers them to the public through careful planning and execution using the best and most up to date methods, both technical and traditional, such as: Social Networks, Internet and Mobile Technologies. Traditional methods such as Newspaper and Magazines Advertisements, Flyers and Promotional Materials


Etqan Staff

We are always working in Etqan branding and marketing to create job opportunities to hire ambitious and talented people who look forward to, innovation and development.

Etqan offers its employees a modern and sophisticated work environment that helps them to create a sense of excellence, belonging and comfort at their work. we always look forward to building a long working relationship with each employee and treat them as professionals not only in practical terms but in all aspects as well.

The management of Etqan believes that each person on board is important and expecting him/her to produce the highest possible quality of work, customer service level and professionalism


At Etqan, we offer a large number of services, which fall under two main sections, Branding (visual identity) and marketing. these services, include Website & Web Pages Design, Graphic Design, Copy Writing and Drafting Texts in Arabic & English and translation of advertising materials. Add to this the implementation of Small, Medium and Large A-Z advertising campaigns in addition to many other great  services provided by.


Etqan Advertising Follows a fair pricing policy based on clarity and moderation. There is no exaggeration in prices and the price is not set according to the size of the client's organization or company, but according to the size of the work required, time and effort exerted, which leads to the satisfaction of all our customers.

At Etqan, we consider that high quality, whether in our business or customer service, is one of the most important foundations that we believe in and follow.

Our Vision

To be able to innovate and produce new sophisticated technologies that lead to client success, affect the society positively and the happiness, ease and life enhancement.

Core Values

Commitment - Honesty - Innovation - Quality